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27 August 2008 @ 12:06 pm
October 10-12
Bayfront Hilton, St. Petersburg Florida

Guests of Honor: Frederik Pohl, Julie Czerneda, Rick Wilber

Visit our webpage at http://sontehill.org/necro.htm

SPECIAL EVENTS NEWS as of 08.28.08


If movin' to the groove of some "it's got a good beat--you can dance to it" tunes is your thing, then, the NECRONOMI-PROM is for you. If you didn't get to go to your high school prom, or even if you did, our NECRONOMI-PROM will satisfy your yearning for that one big dance event.

The NECRONOMI-PROM begins immediately after the Saturday night Costume Contest, so stick around after the contest and have a blast.

You can enter our drawing to be crowned King, Queen or Other of the Prom (any sex can be King or Queen or Other--we're open-minded about such things), get your picture taken in front of our Steampunk themed backdrop, and show off your best costume or formal attire. Nobody will be turned away from the Prom for improper attire but costumes (any genre) or formal attire are highly encouraged.

Our D.J.(s) will take requests. If they've got it, they'll play it. You can bring music you like for them to play as well.

This will be the one and only dance at NECRONOMICON this year but it will keep on going as long as there are bodies out there dancing.

Put this on your calendar for Saturday night at NECRONOMICON.


Hall Costume Awards

This year, we are going back to the secret judge format for our Hall Costume Awards. Our judges will be looking for outstanding garb on Saturday afternoon and evening. Twelve different judges will hand out one ribbon each to deserving costumers.

Saturday Night Costume Contest

If you want the most people to see your handiwork and the best chance to win a costuming award, you will want to enter our Saturday Night Costume Contest. We have a children's category for those 12 and under and an adult category for those 13 and over or those who wish to be in competition in the adult category no matter what their age. We will give four 1st place ribbons and four 2nd place ribbons and the Millieux Costume Website award and the Bret Hill Memorial Costume Award for excellence in workmanship.

Entry forms and contest guidelines are available on our website through the "Masquerade" link in the "At the Con" section in the menu on the left. Entry forms will also be available at the convention from convention registration.

The deadline for turning in entry forms is 4 p.m. Saturday, October 11. Turn in the forms to convention registration.

If you wish to turn in your forms by e-mail, send them to Ann Morris at raggedyann@stonehill.org
Jean-Loup Benetcthulhu on August 28th, 2008 03:31 am (UTC)
Sounds cool. I know some people who have been designing and working on their outfits for a while now.