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05 November 2006 @ 08:53 am
Ann here.

Yesterday, Richard Byers and I went to Something Wicked This Way Con, a very small horror con that is new to the area. Lloyd Kaufman (Mr. Troma) was there to promote his new film, "Poultrygeist:Night of the Chicken Dead."

Lloyd has only good things to say about his experience as NECRONOMICON 2005's guest of honor. Just thought you'd like to know.

Anyway, here is a pic of me and Lloyd.

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If you are interested in seeing a letter I got because I am on the Troma mailing list, in which Lloyd asks for fans help getting his new movie seen, send me a message and I'll foward it to you. I've already sent it to people on the Stone Hill mailing list but not everyone here is on that list.

When Lloyd was guest of honor for NECRONOMICON, he promoted us on his site. Now, maybe some of us can help him out a little by promoting "Poultrygeist."

Okay, I'm off now.
01 November 2006 @ 09:00 am
I am posting to my LJ, the MySpace Page, the NECRO-TAMPA Yahoo Group and the NECRONOMICON LJ today.

It's come to my attention that a couple of rumors need to be laid to rest.

FIRST: we ARE having a real convention next year. The ad in our program book about a "virtual" con is just our program book guy messing with you. He's joking. He's having fun. We are having a real con.

Our guests of honor will be author Gregory Benford, artist Alan Clark, and Florida writer guest of honor Owl Goingback.

We will hold court the first weekend of October in 2007.

SECOND: we do not pay any guests to appear at the convention. Guests of honor have their travel, lodging and meals paid for but nobody is ever paid an appearance fee.

I am aware that one panelist this year told people that he was paid $1000 to attend. This is not true. Nobody gets an appearance fee. Even when we've had actors appear a few times, they have donated their time because we are an all volunteer, not for profit convention.


Those are the facts, ma'am or man!

23 October 2006 @ 10:42 am
So, where are you going to be on Friday?

NECRONOMICON, of course!

If you have questions about the convention, please contact us at raggedyann@stonehill.org or deb@stonehill.org by Wednesday if possible and not later than Thursday morning. We will not be able to check e-mail after noon on Thursday. We will be at the Hyatt from 2:30 Thursday till the convention is over.

See you there!

Ann Morris
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20 October 2006 @ 11:41 am
Just in case you don't read the comments, Glennis LeBlanc of THE MISSING VOLUME mentioned that you should bring your credit cards to as many dealers take them.

You may also use credit cards in the art show. There is a fee for art show transactions because the service that allows us to process credit cards charges us a fee. Still, the fee is not bad and it allows you to purchase things that you might not carry enough cash for. Of course, we'll still take checks and cash:)

You may pay by PayPal for memberships up till October 26. If you pay after that by PayPal, we will not have a record of it.

If you do want to pay by PayPal, please go to our website http;//stonehill.org/necro.htm for PayPal information.

See y'all next Friday!
20 October 2006 @ 08:47 am
A week to go! It's going to be great.

Get the costumes ready. Write a new filk. Rob your piggy bank for dealers' room money.

Be ready to have a super FUN weekend at the silver anniversary NECRONOMICON!!!

Look for our ads in "Creative Loafing," "The Minaret," and "The Oracle."

Visit our website at http://stonehill.org/necro.htm for lots of information.

See you there!
16 October 2006 @ 03:56 pm
28 September 2006 @ 10:43 am

Ann here.

Our gaming department heads have passed this on to me and I think it needs to be seen by those here who might want to register to help at the con online.

Can you alert the other department heads (that are using the online registration) that we have had to implement some security measures on the site. Now when someone new registers at the site it tells them that they have to be approved before they can register. On the admin site we can view their information to verify they are a real person (we've been slammed with bogus people signing up for games and volunteer shifts across all departments), and once we approve them we (Dean or I) will email them to let them know they can now sign up.

It's a shame when one or two lunkheads have to mess things up. We assume it's only a couple or even one person, as they seem to follow a pattern,and it's always a fake foreign phone number and non-sense for the rest of the info.


So, there you have it. I realize that this does not apply to many people here but it may answer a question some might have had about having to be approved.

24 September 2006 @ 12:35 pm
Things are progressing nicely. The schedule is done. The guests of honor travel arrangements are made. It's looking good.

Thank you to those who have signed up to work at the convention. Your help is invaluable. Sometimes, we may be so busy we forget to say, "Thank you," but you do have our gratitude.

Here is the schedule of panels and major events. For information on the gaming schedule, please check with gaming@stonehill.org

If I can get hold of the video schedule ahead of time, I will post it here.

I have not listed the panelists here simply because the formatting gets too weird with the extra information.

There is a schedule on the website at http://stonehill.org/panels.htm that has the guests listed but it is slightly less up to date than this version. It's pretty close though. As you know, things can get changed even at the convention, so nothing is ever written in a surface harder than modeling clay.

The Business of Writing Fri. 3:00 PM Regency 2
Open Filk Fri. 3:00 PM Regency 3
What's New in TV? Fri. 4:00 PM Regency 2
Open Filk Fri. 4:00 PM Regency 3
Meet the Guests Fri. 5:00 PM Con Suite
LARP Basics Fri. 5:00 PM Regency 2
Open Filk Fri. 5:00 PM Regency 3
Eye Scream Social Fri. 7:00 PM Regency 4-7
Movie One Liners Fri. 8:30 PM Regency 2
Fan Cabaret Fri. 9:00 PM Regency 5-7
Open Filk Fri. 10:00 PM Regency 3
Ygor Party Fri. 10:00 PM Con Suite
Good vs. Evil Fight Show Fri. 10:00 PM Regency 2 & 4
Karaoke Fri. 10:00 PM Regency 7
25th Anniversary Dance Fri. 10:00 PM Regency 5-6
Karaoke Fri. 11:00 PM Regency 7
Rocky Horror Fri. 12:00 AM Regency 5-7
Obligatory Breaking In Panel Sat. 10:00 AM Regency 2
Who's Calling the Shots--Fans or PTB Sat. 10:00 AM Regency 3
Art that Artists Like Sat. 10:00 AM Regency 5
Cassini Project Sat. 10:00 AM Regency 6
Education in the Future Sat. 11:00 AM Regency 2
Visible Light Entertainment Sat. 11:00 AM Regency 3
The Role of Magic in Fiction Sat. 11:00 AM Regency 5
Whose Line Is It Anyway (Game) Sat. 11:00 AM Regency 6
Children's Programming Sat. 11:00 AM Regency 7
Tampa Fechtschule Workshop Sat. 12:00 PM Regency 2
Anime-Rising Star of SF/F Sat. 12:00 PM Regency 3
Look What They've Done to Space Sat. 12:00 PM Regency 5
Art Illustration: The Spooky Side Sat. 12:00 PM Regency 6
Children's Programming Sat. 12:00 PM Regency 7
Hall Costume Parade Sat. 1:00 PM Galleria B
Tampa Fechtschule Workshop Sat. 1:00 PM Regency 2
Genre Poetry-Writers & Readers Sat. 1:00 PM Regency 3
Alternative Energy Sat. 1:00 PM Regency 5
Voice Acting Workshop Sat. 1:00 PM Regency 6
Children's Programming Sat. 1:00 PM Regency 7
Guest of Honor Q & A Sat. 2:00 PM Regency 2
POD, Self Publishing & E-Publishing Sat. 2:00 PM Regency 3
Creating Worlds-Writing Sat. 2:00 PM Regency 5
Trivia Sat. 2:00 PM Regency 6
Children's Programming Sat. 2:00 PM Regency 7
Autographing Sat. 3:00 PM Regency 2
Writing Workshop-Point of View Sat. 3:00 PM Regency 3
Joss Whedon:SF/F's New Guru? Sat. 3:00 PM Regency 5
Trivia Sat. 3:00 PM Regency 6
Children's Programming Sat. 3:00 PM Regency 7
Where do SF & F meet? Sat. 4:00 PM Regency 2
Using Terrorism as a Plot Device Sat. 4:00 PM Regency 3
How to Make Your Characters 3-D Sat. 4:00 PM Regency 5
Atomic/Westerfield Film Kick-Off Sat. 4:00 PM Regency 6
Children's Programming Sat. 4:00 PM Regency 7
How SF Has Changed Since the 50s Sat. 5:00 PM Regency 2
The Truth about Trek Sat. 5:00 PM Regency 3
Writing Combat Scenes Sat. 5:00 PM Regency 5
Atomic/Westerfield Film Kick-Off Sat. 5:00 PM Regency 6
Writing Workshop-Structure Sat. 5:00 PM Regency 7
Costume Contest Line-up Sat. 7:00 PM Regency 7
Costume Contest Sat. 8:00 PM Regency 2-6
Art Auction Sat. 9:30 PM Regency 2
Anime Dance Sat. 9:30 PM Regency 5-7
Open Filk Sat. 10:00 PM Galleria A
Art Auction Sat. 10:00 PM Regency 2
SF Name That Tune (trivia) Sat. 10:00 PM Regency 3
What Scares the Folks Who Scare Us? Sat. 11:00 PM Regency 2
Hentai, Yaoi, and Slash, Oh My! Sat. 11:00 PM Regency 3
Creatures of the Night Pageant Sat. 11:30 PM Regency 5-7
History: Myth or Alternate Reality Sun. 10:00 AM Regency 2
Where's the Laughter? Sun. 10:00 AM Regency 3
Digital Art for Dummies Sun. 10:00 AM Regency 5
Space Station Update Sun. 10:00 AM Regency 6
The Fate of Short Fiction Sun. 10:00 AM Regency 7
Research for Writers Sun. 11:00 AM Regency 2
Why Are People Afraid of Science? Sun. 11:00 AM Regency 3
Potterday (Harry Potter Trivia game) Sun. 11:00 AM Regency 5
Conrad on Costuming Sun. 11:00 AM Regency 6
Whose Line Is It Anyway (Game) Sun. 11:00 AM Regency 7
Tampa Fechtschule Workshop Sun. 12:00 PM Regency 2
Ethics and Science Sun. 12:00 PM Regency 3
Writers & Gaming Sun. 12:00 PM Regency 5
Pirate Costume Contest & POTC Interactive Sun. 12:00 PM Regency 6
Writing Workshop-Scene Development Sun. 12:00 PM Regency 7
Tampa Fechtschule Workshop Sun. 1:00 PM Regency 2
Cosplay Sun. 1:00 PM Regency 3
Enemy Within (Game) Sun. 1:00 PM Regency 5
Pirate Costume Contest & POTC Interactive Sun. 1:00 PM Regency 6
Fans' Pet Peeves Sun. 1:00 PM Regency 7
YA, After Harry Potter, What? Sun. 2:00 PM Regency 2
Cosplay Sun. 2:00 PM Regency 3
How Science Has Changed Daily Life Sun. 2:00 PM Regency 5
Pirate Costume Contest & POTC Interactive Sun. 2:00 PM Regency 6
Writing Workshop-Description Sun. 2:00 PM Regency 7
Open Filk Sun. 3:00 PM Regency 3
Summer Movies--Fan Opinions Sun. 3:00 PM Regency 7
15 September 2006 @ 12:27 pm
Ann here.

Okay, we are asking people to sign up for hours and it's great if they sign up at the con but we need shifts filled before we get to the con, so I figured out how you can sign up online. I signed up for 2 hours on Sunday morning in the con suite just now.

1. Go to our WEBPAGE and go to the bottom of the table on the master page. There is a section that says, "How can I volunteer?"

2. Click on "this link" in that section and you'll be taken to the gaming department's sign up page.

3. On that page, you can click to register if you have not registered online before.

4. After you register, you can then click "continue" and you'll be taken to a page that has dice on it and gaming hours.

5. You'll see a button next to your name that says "Volunteering" and if you click on that button, you'll get the Art Show, Con Suite and Security schedules.

6. On those, you just check the boxes by hours that you will work and then you click on the "Volunteer" button at the top of the page.

It sounds like a lot of steps but it's really not that hard once you know which buttons to click.

If you want to work at registration, write to Annette at reg@stonehill.org

If you want to help at the masquerade, write to me at raggedyann@stonehill.org

That's all for now.

14 September 2006 @ 09:14 am
We've got tons o' fun planned. In a day or so, I'll post the full panel and event schedule.

For now, just to whet your appetite, here are a few of the things we have planned.

Voice Acting Workshop with Jeffrey Breslauer

Medieval Martial Arts Workshops with Devon Sharkey & Tampa Fechtschule members

Pirates of the Caribbean Costume Contest and interactive POTC viewing
Fan Cabaret

Creatures of the Night Pageant (picking the most appropriate guys or ghouls to represent NECRONOMICON 2006)

Q & A with Veror Vinge, Harry Turtledove and Kevin Grazier

Presentations on the space station and the Cassini/Huygens Project

Saturday night Masquerade contest

Hall costume parade and award presentation

and so much more!!!

Keep checking here for updates.

Stay shiny!
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