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29 August 2008 @ 10:53 am

For Aspiring Authors:
For those who want to improve their writing skills, D.C. Black hosts three hours of writing workshops. Bring your work, your questions and your willingness to learn. There will be one hour each day of the convention.

For Martial Arts Aficionados:
If you’ve always wanted to “get medieval” on someone, why not check out T. Devon Sharkey and Tampa Fechtschule’s combat workshops on Saturday and Sunday at noon. You’ll have two hours of hands-on medieval combat instruction. This is a workshop for joining in rather than sitting on the sidelines. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes with good traction.

For the Creative and Crafty Set:
Artist Rubi Shea, a.k.a. Carol Jeffers, is presenting two workshops for those with a creative bent. She’s hosting a beginning jewelry making workshop on Saturday afternoon and a workshop on learning to be a digital artist without going broke on Sunday.

Teaching Science through Science Fiction:
Guest of honor Julie Czerneda is hosting this workshop for us. She’ll clue you in on innovative ways to teach science concepts to students by using science fiction literature and media. This workshop is open to all convention members. Even if you don’t teach science, you will find Ms. Czerneda’s methods intriguing and entertaining.


Pajama Party/Scary Stories
Get on your comfy jammies, bring a pillow and a security blanket and join us Friday night at 10 for our Scary Stories Pajama Party. Four authors who know how to scare the bejeezus out of you will read spooky bedtime stories. Authors Jeff Strand, Lynne Hansen, Richard Lee Byers and Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc are your hosts for the late night fun.

We'll have autograph sessions with our guests of honor all three days of the convention, so bring your books to be signed. If you are a book dealer and have many books you wish signed, please contact each guest independently to set up a time he or she can autograph for you. The general autograph sessions are for fans to get books personalized to them.

Adult Scavenger Hunt
Friday night, those of you who like games can find a new one on our schedule. Stacy Lung who hosts Movie 1-liners each year is hosting a new game immediately following Movie 1-liners this year. The game is for the over 18 crowd. (Younger players will be allowed as long as parents give their consent to Stacy.) Those who join in will be participating in a scavenger hunt. The game will be played in teams of four and the winning team will win a prize worth $100.

Dr. Morris Explains It All for You
Saturday afternoon at four, come learn about the scientific method from Dr. Kendall F. Morris, lecturer and researcher at the University of South Florida College of Medicine. This is not your grandpa's stuffy, sleep inducing lecture. This one is entertaining as well as thought provoking. You'll come away with new insights and knowledge. If you are a fan of science of science fiction, you don't want to miss this one.

International Space Station Slide Show
Jeff Mitchell, real life rocket scientist, presents this slide show update on the International Space Station Friday night at 9. Jeff promises that those of you who've attended his space station updates in the past have not seen it all. There is a lot of news and new slides to see.