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26 August 2007 @ 01:38 pm
There could be some last minute changes but probably not more than one or two.

Here it is:

Best SF You Might Have Missed Our panel recommends some of their favorite SF reads. SF Fri 3:00 PM
How to Build a Story I Writer's workshop, part 1 of 3. Bring ideas, questions. writing Fri 3:00 PM
Choosing the Right Genre for You Not sure where your story ideas fit? Get help from our panel. writing Fri 4:00 PM
"What makes for compelling illustration? How to involve your audience in the creative process. art Fri 4:00 PM
Meet the Guests Q& A GOH Fri 5:00 PM
3rd Annual Cthulhu Memorial Eye Scream Social Come, eat ice cream, visit our "yard sale." event Fri 7:00 PM
Movie One-Liners Trivia game for movie buffs. trivia Fri 9:00 PM
Karaoke You know what this is. Come show off your talents. karaoke Fri 9:00 PM
Fantasy Masquerade Ball Dress as your favorite fantasy character and dance your cares away. dance Fri 9:00 PM
Slash Fiction It's not just Kirk/Spock anymore. (adult themes) fan Fri 11:00 PM
Open Filk Singalong for everyone. filk Sat 12:00 AM
Rocky Horror The traditional late night madness of Rocky. film Sat 11:00 PM
Late Night Dance Didn't dance enough at the fantasy ball? Here's your chance to dance till the wee hours. dance Sat 1:00 AM
Where's My Darn Personal Jet Pack? Why haven't we seen the gadgets SF promised the future (which is now) would bring? science Sat 10:00 AM
American Indian Legends in Horror How is native lore used and is it done well? horror Sat 10:00 AM
Dark Poetry Lines and rhymes to creep you out! writing Sat 10:00 AM
Whose Line Is It? Improvisation game--you know the one. game Sat 10:00 AM
Children's Program Crafts, stories, costuming for kids and their parents. kids Sat 10:00 AM
How Can Science and Religion Coexist? Do science and religion have to be "enemies?" This could be quite lively. science Sat 11:00 AM
Small press publishing: POD, E-Pub, Traditional Pub What benefits do they offer and how are they different from vanity presses? writing Sat 11:00 AM
Best Sword & Sorcery You Might Have Missed Our panel recommends some of their favorite sword & sorcery reads. fantasy Sat 11:00 AM
The Best Horror You've Never Heard Of Our panel recommends some of their favorite horror reads. horror Sat 12:00 PM
The Ins & Outs of E-books for Readers Learn what gadgets and software are out there to make e-books accessible to you. e-pubSat Sat 12:00 PM
Alternative Arts It's not all drawing and painting, you know. Our artists will introduce you to other artistic media. art Sat 12:00 PM
Voice Acting Workshop Professional actor Jeffrey Breslauer's short course in voice acting. workshop Sat 12:00 PM
Hall Costume Parade Show off your duds for our hall costume judges and let the folks at the con get a look at your finery too. costuming Sat 1:00 PM
Living La Vida Loca: the scientist's life science Sat 1:00 PM
How to Make Sure Your Manuscript Gets Rejected Michele Lellouche is back with her TV tidbits. fan Sat 1:00 PM
Crafting Believable Characters Find out how to make your characters "live." writing Sat 1:00 PM
Autographing GOH Sat 2:00 PM
Medieval Martial Arts Join the Tampa Fechtschule folks for a lesson in medieval combat. Be prepared to participate. workshop Sat 2:00 PM
How to Build a Story II Writer's workshop, part 2 of 3. Bring ideas, questions. writing Sat 2:00 PM
How Does the Artist Create a Work That Scares You? " art Sat 2:00 PM
Trivia Annual "Jeopardy" style trivia game. There's some new cool stuff this year. Come see. trivia Sat 2:00 PM
The possibility for true immortality Can medical science hold the grim reaper at bay? science Sat 3:00 PM
Costuming with Shara Smith Master costumer Shara Smith clues you in on how she makes a great costume. costuming Sat 3:00 PM
Just What Is the Scientific Method? You don't just dive into an experiment. Our science guys tell you how research is really approached. science Sat 4:00 PM
Small press publishing: POD, E-Pub, Traditional Pub II What benefits do they offer and how are they different from vanity presses? writing Sat 4:00 PM
Humor in SF & Horror How do you use humor to enhance horror and/or SF? horror Sat 4:00 PM
Plague Knight Presentation Richard Lee Byer's story "The Plague Knight" is being translated to film: media presentation. film Sat 4:00 PM
Global warming, two sides of the coin. What are the 2 sides of the coin and who should you listen to? science Sat 5:00 PM
Most Common Writing Mistakes How to avoid the boo-boos that just about everyone makes. writing Sat 5:00 PM
Alan Clark Reading Guest of Honor Alan Clark shares some of his written work with you. reading Sat 5:00 PM
Masquerade Set-Up costuming Sat 6:00 PM
Masquerade Seating costuming Sat 7:30 PM
Masquerade costuming Sat 8:00 PM
Art Auction art Sat 10:00 PM
SF Name That Tune Music trivia game. trivia Sat 10:00 PM
Anime Dance Meet your fellow anime fans and dance to your favorite J-pop. dance Sat 10:00 PM
Open Filk Singalong for everyone. filk Sat 11:00 PM
Late Night Dance Compete for the crown and then dance the night away. dance Sun 12:00 AM
Crafting Believable Characters Making your characters "live." writing Sun 10:00 AM
What Makes a Story Science Fiction, Not Fantasy? Anne McCaffrey says her dragon books are SF but they read like fantasy--how do you know the difference? SF Sun 10:00 AM
The Joys and Sorrows of Art Illustration Artists tell you about putting someone's written ideas into their visual form. art Sun 10:00 AM
Post Apocolyptic Themes in SF Does the end of life as we know it have to be all doom and gloom? SF Sun 10:00 AM
Where Have All the Conventions Gone? It seems like conventions are drying up and going away. What's causing this and can it be changed? fan Sun 10:00 AM
Ethical versus Non-ethical research It’s not just about stem cells. Learn what the ethical guidelines for research are. science Sun 11:00 AM
Writing the One Damn Thing After Another Story How writers keep the action going and going and going… writing Sun 11:00 AM
Vogon Prose Fans read what they think is the most purple of all prose. This WILL make you laugh. fan Sun 11:00 AM
Whose Line Is It? Improvisation game--you know the one-second chance to join the fun. Game Sun 11:00 AM
Where Has the Sense of Wonder in SF Gone? Why aren't we seeing the stories that made our hearts glad when we were young? SF Sun 11:00 AM
Medieval Martial Arts Tampa Fechschule folks teach you medieval combat. You can and should participate. workshop Sun 12:00 PM
Poisoning the Planet How we are creating our own doomsday scenario. science Sun 12:00 PM
Manuscript Mechanics: What You Need to Know Form does matter. Learning how to get your manuscript into shape. writing Sun 12:00 PM
How to Build a Story III Writer's workshop writing Sun 12:00 PM
Autographing GOH Sun 1:00 PM
Writing Villains Readers Love to Hate How writers make the bad guys look good. writing Sun 1:00 PM
How Artists Look at The World Do artists see things differently than the rest of us? Let's find out. art Sun 1:00 PM
Paranormal Research We have ghost hunters right here in the Tampa Bay area. Find out how they do their stuff. horror Sun 1:00 PM
Can Anyone do Anything New With Vampires and Werewolves? Are there just too many cliché's now to be able to surprise anyone? horror Sun 1:00 PM
Why We Love RPGs Gamers and game writers give you their view. gaming Sun 2:00 PM
The Mystery Story in SF, Horror and Fantasy Everyone loves a whodunnit. How do writers put the mystery into other genres? writing Sun 2:00 PM
Enemy Within Trivia game with at twist--someone is cheating and you have to find out who it is. game Sun 2:00 PM
Danse Macabre Renaissance depictions of death and the paranormal. (adult themes) horror Sun 2:00 PM
Costuming Tips & Tricks; want to make a costume for your next con? Get info from some of our best costumers. costuming Sun 2:00 PM
Open Filk Singalong for everyone. filk Sun 3:00 PM